In Our Community

Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital plays an active role in our community

We offer free spays and neuters for stray, homeless cats through the Feral Cat Coalition to help control the population of these animals in our neighborhoods. In addition, Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital provides low-cost medical treatments for cats through The Rescue House.

Dr. Barbara Darnell has never turned away an animal in need. Sometimes she refers to her own home as a “halfway house” for injured and abandoned animals.


Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital is committed to contributing to our community and animals in need.

■       We accept vouchers from the San Diego Department of Animal Control to subsidize spays and neuters.

■       We accept pledges from Pet Assistance and other organizations, we do not require the client to pay these amounts upfront.

■       We also work with P.A.W.S. to provide medical treatments for the pets of lower-income elderly clients.

Although we regret that we are unable to provide free services to all pets in need, we can assist clients in need with obtaining financial assistance for their pets, payment plans may be offered at the discretion of the management. We are always able to work with our clients to provide our patients with the care they need even on a limited budget.

Poodle holding a toothbrush in their teeth.
Vet caring dog

We realize in this economy, budgeting money for veterinary care is difficult. It is important that the client communicates their wants and needs to our doctors so that Diagnostic Testing and Treatments can be prioritized to provide the optimal treatment for any budget. We realize the recession has had a great impact on a large number of people, including our clients. It is important that pets continue to receive regular examinations, vaccinations, and flea and parasite treatments in order to stay healthy. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


In keeping with this philosophy, Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer the following discounts:

■       For Active Military members, we offer a 10% discount for all products and services.

■       For our Senior Community Members (65 years and older), we also offer a 5% discount on services.

■       We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on veterinary care services for companions adopted through Pets For Patriots. Pets For Patriots, an organization that unites adult shelter pets with military families in our community, provide the innate healing powers of adult companion pets to members of the U.S. Military. Please visit for more information.

■       For all pets adopted from the Department of Animal Control, the Humane Society or other eligible rescue group we offer a Courtesy Adoption Exam within 14 days of adoption.


Please call our office at (619) 841-1437 to see if you qualify for these programs, and that you bring the appropriate paperwork at the time of your appointment.