by Anon on 2017-02-01
The staff was extremely friendly and treated My dog like he was one of their own family members. The diagnosis was thoroughly explained to me and all options for treatment were discussed so that I could choose the best treatment option for my pup.

by Jennifer Lares on 2017-01-12
The vets and all the employees are very very caring they take time with you Not rush you in and out the vet is above and beyond could not find better.

by Anita Busquets on 2017-01-11

by Jann Allen on 2017-01-04
From the minute I walked in until I left, the staff was attentive and welcoming. I love Dr. Darnell and will always seek her out when Chu comes in for an appointment. Thank you for providing a warm, knowledgeable, and welcoming office.

by Corrine Baker on 2016-12-25
Wait time was minimal, Doctor was very easy-going and answered all questions addressed.

by Annie Briney on 2016-12-14
We love coming to Shelter Island Vet Hospital. We have had the pleasure of seeing both veterinarians on site, and always have a great experience. We feel like all of our questions and concerns are adequately addressed, and that the clinic has our pets’ best interest at heart!

by Dayna Charles on 2016-12-13
Whatever your professional definition of excellent is…you are it!!

by Rob/ Holley on 2016-12-13
I am always so pleased with everybody so kind and listens to me about my concerns.

by Monique Estrada on 2016-12-11
Our experience at Shelter Island Vet Hospital was very pleasant. Everyone was kind and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them!

by Janet Brechtel on 2016-12-09
Dr Jake and all staff are VERY informative, personal and willing to do whatever they can for us and our pups.

by Jamie Serb on 2016-12-07
Dr. Darnell is wonderful. I’ve been going to her for years. She handles my fur babies like a fellow animal lover and is great it’s me and all of my questions. I recently found her very helpful and sympathetic in my grief over the loss of my baby Gizmo. She was very sweet and understanding – truly appreciated. She is my vet for all my past, current, and future pets. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a vet.

by Richard Townsend on 2016-12-04
Very impressed with the staff and quality of service.

by Jennifer Cote on 2016-12-04
Dr. Darnell friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. She is an expert with dentals and my cat is doing great 2 years after full mouth extraction with her.

by Kevin Carew on 2016-11-20
Very knowledgeable, nice and personal aproach . Love it.

by Susan Chu on 2016-11-16
excellent care for our furry companions over the years!

by Anon on 2016-10-29
Great thorough appointment.

by Alyssa Wolven on 2016-10-27
Doctor Darnell, her team of veterinary doctors, and her support staff are kind, compassionate, and wonderfully warm. My cherished “dogter”, (a highly intelligent, communicative, black standard poodle) who just might live a life of doggie luxury, absolutely adores everyone there! And, believe me, I know when my “pup” loves, likes, or dislikes something. She’s twelve in human years, but is active and agile like a dog far her junior. Dr. Darnell and the other doctors have shown nothing less that absolute competent excellence! My Jaja has, unfortunately, been faced with a pawful of serious medical issues in her life. As a human, I have too. So I understand, very intimately, the risks and challenges of surgery. I always get very anxious when I, or Jaja, has to undergo general anesthesia. Under general anesthesia, your life is in the hands of the attending doctors and staff. I would never risk her life by taking her to anyone that I didn’t have absolute confidence in, and neither should you. As far as ongoing conditions, my girl has Addison’s disease. This requires constant shots, meds, and monitoring by the vet. So, we see Dr. Darnell and her staff on a quite regular basis. My girl needs to get an injection every month, and injections aren’t fun for anyone, dog or human! But, there she goes; she’s always eager to jump out of the car and run up to the front door and into the hospital to see all of her human friends and be a good pup and get her shot! I could go on forever but I won’t. In summary, if you are seeking a highly-skilled doctor of veterinary medicine and a warm and wonderful staff to feel safe about taking your beloved animal companion to, I feel that you would be making an excellent choice to take him or her to Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital.

by Ottalie Davis on 2016-10-26
Dr Jake is so great with my dog. He got done on the floor to put her at ease and make her less nervous. He’s thorough and professional and personable – not an easy combination. His support staff are efficient and helpful. Best vet office I’ve been in.

by Wendy Harper on 2016-10-18
Everyone is friendly. The docors are knowledgeable about my pets’ needs.

by Barbara Balch on 2016-10-18
We always have a great experience at Shelter Island Vet Hospital. Dr. Barbara is very knowledgeable and efficient. We had to visit an emergency hospital this weekend and although it was efficient and the staff was nice, we were happy to return to Shelter Island for the more homey and relaxed environment. It helped my dog and me feel better, just walking in. Allowing us to wait in the waiting room with our pets, is more comfortable for us.

by Debbie Flint on 2016-10-16
I do rescue so I know vets throughout the county, and I’ve had to learn the hard way that you need to be careful of the veterinarian you select; you won’t find a better vet anywhere! I’ve recommended people who drive from distances to use Shelter Island, and every one of them has thanked me.

by Patti Harlow on 2016-10-12
We always have a pleasant experience at Shelter Island Vet Hospital. I have two cats, JeaniLu and Sparky. We visit regularly with the help of my very close friend, Eva, who does all the lifting and driving. We get pedicures and have flea medication applied, I cannot manage either by myself, even with help. I’ve been taking JeaniLu to Dr. Darnell since I adopted her from Guardian Angels Rescue in August of 2011. Dr. Darnell performed Sparky’s surgery after he swallowed one of my foam earplugs; he was still a kitten. Everyone at SIV cares about my cats, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

by Miriam Brinkmann on 2016-10-04
Very good, everyone is really kind and they gave me an appointment with very short notice. I like also that they don’t push to do any extra treatments like other vets do.

by Elisa Lareau on 2016-10-04
A truly spectacular vet office! Have always been very happy with the care for our pets, they have gone above and beyond on many occasions for us.

by Julie Hart on 2016-09-27
Dr Hare spent a lot of time with Sky and recommended a course of treatment to us. He was very helpful and also so sweet to Sky, who is shy. 🙂

by Becky Stull on 2016-09-27
Everyone is amazing and I feel like a part of their family!

by Anon on 2016-09-24
Staff was helpful and professional. Buster is a big, shy dog so not everyone is comfortable with him even under normal conditions, but Jake took his time so that Buster could calm down in his stressed condition.

by Julie Laverdiere on 2016-09-23
I do appreciate Dr. Darnell and her staff. She did a wonderful job with my kitty and her gum disease. I am a customer for life.

by William Taylor on 2016-09-23
Our Fur Baby will only go here. Treated like family! Love the staff!!!

by Denise Annexy on 2016-09-23
They really love animals. It wasn’t just an examination there was petting, kissing, and talking to my animal and that warmed my heart.

by Betsy McCullough on 2016-09-18
Our 17-year old dachshund always receives attentive, compassionate care from SIVH. Both Dr Barbara Darnell over the years, and now also Dr Jake Hare, take their time and explain options that would be best for their patient. My questions are always answered and I feel like I leave with an understanding of next steps and followup.

by Anon on 2016-09-16
The staff is friendly and helpful, and make you feel like part of the family. The vets are willing to get down on your dog’s level and patiently wait until they are more relaxed before beginning their examination. In and out, our experience is always the best!

by Sarah Scalzo on 2016-09-11
Everyone at Shelter Island Vet was so friendly and Dr. Darnell really knows her stuff! She provided me with lots of information about my newly adopted kitty, Lucy, and our first visit was complimentary. I did have to get a couple medications for Lucy for her gums and a respiratory infection but they were both very affordable and the Doctor even administered the first dosages of each of them so that I could see how it’s done! I thought that was the best part of the care we received. Looking forward to a long partnership with both Doctor and staff.

by Jim Brown on 2016-09-10
Our experience with the clinic was very good. We took our dog bandit in for an ear infection and a health exam. The staff is very professional and polite, they took the time to explain our dogs health and gave us several great options for his care.

by Jim Garland on 2016-09-05
Very friendly staff. Had a thorough discussion with the vet. It was a good experience.

by Anon on 2016-09-02
Always great service and care for my dog!

by Helen Kupka on 2016-08-31
I was referred by Coronado Cares for neutering of a stray kitty that had taken up residence on my back patio. They were so accommodating, positive and helpful! The neutering was free and I paid for additional services to be sure the cat was healthy and safe. What a nice staff and the vet is a sweetheart! I wouldn’t hesitate to go back with any pet.

by Martin Wojtysiak on 2016-08-12
Great job overall. Excellent reception and thorough exam, evaluation and diagnosis by Dr. Jake. This was our first time but we’ll be back again for sure!

by Suzann Selden on 2016-08-08
Really impressive group of individuals reside at this practice. Have been very impressed with service and sensitivity demonstrated. Really delighted to share my own positive experience with my Mother whose cat Haley is now a patient. Thank you for an opportunity to gush.

by Paula Isley on 2016-08-07
The staff was very friendly, caring and knowledgable. Dr. Hare was great with Molly. Would recommend Shelter Island vet Hospital.

by Ingrid Hayward on 2016-08-03
great, vet was so nice and understood my molly’s needs; thank you, she is feeling much better!

by Marcy Borg on 2016-08-02
You are angels of mercy.

by Anon on 2016-07-30
It was quick and front desk curtiois.

by Anon on 2016-07-19
I have had great experiences with both Doctors Darnell and Dr Hare. They are knowledgeable, caring and really take the time to build a relationship with the pets and owners. The staff is also very professional and caring and there is much communication among the entire team. I am grateful to have found them- my babies are in good hands!

by Aubree Goodman on 2016-07-19
I was referred to Shelter Island Vet Hospital when I adopted a kitten through The Rescue House. Everyone has been unbelievably friendly and helpful!

by Diane Andersson on 2016-07-12
Love Dr Darnell and her staff. They fit me in so my animals could be seen even though they were extremely busy and I didn’t have an appointment.

by Pamela Sullivan on 2016-07-06
Well, you made her very healthy a few months ago, and checked on her again a few weeks ago. So, I will just let you know she is still doing just fine and won’t be back to see you again for a few months I think.

by Mike Yelda on 2016-07-04
Good service, they really care about pets and very professional, love taking my cat there. I highly recommend the hospital.

by Jann Allen on 2016-06-24
Everything about Shelter Island Vet Hopital is great. The staff is happy, helpful, considerate, and Dr. Darnell is wonderful with her patients and their humans!

by Bill Makinson on 2016-06-17
Glory was extremely helpful.

by Amanda Curtis on 2016-06-12
Dr Darnell and her staff are simply the best they have provided great care for my furry babies for 9 years.

by Pat Kinniburgh on 2016-06-11
Got the information and the medication we needed. These people are awesome! Have always had a good experience at Shelter Island Vet Hospital.

by Anon on 2016-06-11
Great service with care and explanation. Sincere interest in well being of the animal.

by Elizabeth Flett on 2016-06-06
Very happy with how Chelsea was treated. She has always in the past tried to attack vets and you all are the first bet she has never tried to attacked. I think the way you approached her and got her comfortable with you all made a world of difference! Thank you so much for being awesome!!

by Michael Taylor on 2016-06-05
I really was impressed with the attention to detail that Katie displayed during my visit. I really like this Vet and just might make it my pets permanent Dr.

by Jenny Craft on 2016-06-04
Friendly service and great care!

by Krysti Doyle on 2016-05-24
Always great!! Love the friendliness and help I get. Especially when I’m getting ready to move to Hawaii. Love Dr D!!

by Alena Fencl on 2016-05-24
Had a sick kitty over the weekend, and showed up at their door first thing in the morning. I was so relieved that they treated Zoe right away. Nancy at the front desk is always so friendly and full of great energy. Katie really goes out of her way to help the animals, and Dr. Darnell is very kind and smart.

by Fred Roberts on 2016-05-16
You took our Hoot in on short notice and did a wonderful job. Thank you so much. Fred Roberts.

by Rosemary Sutter on 2016-05-11
Always feels like a visit with family. Jake is a great addition to the staff!

by Patrick Figger on 2016-05-10
Absolutely Amazing. From the first phone call, the visit and through checkout, the Doctors and staff where extremely personable yet very professional. I felt at ease bringing my son’s beloved kitty in for her illness. The level of customer service was refreshing. My cousin is a veterinarian and so I was prepped on what to expect. The Shelter Island Vet Hospital exceeded in every facet. Thank You for your care and devotion, it truly shows! I will be back and will recommend your Hospital!

by Anon on 2016-04-30
On the very same day that I found a sweet, scared, stray dog, a friend of mine received a coupon in the mail for a free vet checkup at Shelter Island Vet Hospital. I’m so grateful for that silly coupon! Here’s why: I brought Sev in for an exam after I found him very malnourished and injured in a nearby golf course. As stray dogs can be, he was nervous and afraid, but the staff at Shelter Island was patient, kind, and so gentle with him. They examined him with care and expertise. Not only were they sweet with him, but the staff was thoughtful of me as well. Due to his extensive (and expensive) injuries, I was in a difficult spot where I had to choose to pay for the $2,000+ worth of care that he needed, or give him to a shelter that could care for him promptly. The thought of giving him up after he trusted me to care for him completely broke my heart. The vet (and especially her assistant whose name I wish I knew. A massive “thank you” to you, sir!!) took the time to answer every one of my questions and explained everything in detail, offering payment plans and step-by-step treatment options. I felt like we were treated with the utmost respect, and a very thorough exam, (despite the silly coupon.) I didn’t get to thank the staff adequately that day, but they made a confusing and difficult time so much easier. Sev is in wonderful hands, and I will definitely be referring friends and family to Shelter Island Vet Hospital.

by Janet Brechtel on 2016-04-27
We have always been treated very well. Neither Wendy nor Minnie are nervous when entering the waiting room…this is pretty remarkable, speaks well of the gentle handling. Everything is discussed in depth that needs to be done with the dogs. Nothing unnecessary is added. We appreciate this because of our (retired) financhial situation. Our thanks to Dr Darnell and the entire staff for their help.

by Peter Markall on 2016-04-23
Very happy with my experience.

by Justin Turner on 2016-04-16
The staff and doctor were very helpful, caring and thorough. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family pet owners.

by Dawn Mantyla on 2016-04-15
My experience was wonderful, all staff did a great job and was friendly, helpful and engaging! I would definitely recommend it to others?

by Anon on 2016-04-01
The staff is the best…..from Doctor Darnell on down. They truly love your animals like their own. I was referred by a friend and so glad I was.

by Todd Devin on 2016-03-29
Thanks for taking such quick good care of Bruno and getting the foxtail out of his ear. He feel much better this morning!

by William Taylor on 2016-03-22
Amazing experience as always. Dr. Barb and the staff are incredible. I wouldn’t take my fur baby anywhere else.

by Madelaine Kaiser on 2016-03-21
Was able to get in to see Dr. Darnell right away and almost no wait time after arriving at the hospital. Everyone was so nice to my poor little girl.

by Kirk Jackson on 2016-03-18
My lab was having gastrointestinal symptoms. Everyone treated her with professionalism and compassion. They called the following day to follow up on her. This is a great clinic.

by Bill Makinson on 2016-03-18
Excellent care of my cats. Very knowledgeable and caring.

by Betsy McCullough on 2016-03-18
Staff and service once again excellent for their client Wally.

by Anon on 2016-03-08
The staff was very good.

by Barbara Stromme on 2016-03-06
The staff sure very friendly and caring. They are thorough and very knowledgeable. I always feel good about taking my cat to them.

by Ottalie Davis on 2016-03-03
I walked in to the clinic on the spur of the moment and they were able to fit us in right away. Very personable and helpful staff. The Vet and Vet Assistant took time to relax my dog and we’re kind and professional. I couldn’t ask for more!!

by Dana Hanrahan on 2016-03-01
Everyone was very knowledgable, caring and helpful!

by Madaline Hanson on 2016-02-14
From the phone call to make the apt. (David) to the waiting room experience, the interaction by all in he office with Tucker. Made him feel at ease and me feel at ease. The Vet Dr J and the student were amazing with my boy. They took the time to listen to me ramble on. They answered all of my questions and were able to get a blood draw with out having to restrain him. We found our San Diego Vet! Thanks to all of the staff you are the good ones!!!

by Annie Scott on 2016-02-14
Thank you for Giving Rocketman the care he needs.

by Christina Mendonca on 2016-02-10
Cannot Thank You All for making every call and visit so fast, easy and stress free! I know my lil man is always in good hands at Shelter Island Vet! =)

by Anita Busquets on 2016-02-07
I had a good time. My cat Sweetie not so much. LOL. Cats don’t ever like going to the vet.

by Allison Emery on 2016-02-06
Thanks for taking great care of Scout!

by Suzann Selden on 2016-02-03
It’s been five years since I’ve become a client and I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and care that my feline Callee has received. We will continue to visit regularly and enjoy superior service and attention. Thank you/SMS.

by Annie Briney on 2016-01-27
The Shelter Island staff is amazing! We appreciate the genuine and through care of our dog, and know they have his best interest at heart!

by Tiffany Moore on 2016-01-15
Dr. Darnell and staff are fantastic. The attention they pay to the animals and the clients needs are wonderful. It is easy getting an appointment and the whole staff is friendly ans professional. We have bee seeing herbfor years and I recommend her to everyone.

by Patti Harlow on 2016-01-14
I have been using the services of Dr. Barbara Darnell at Shelter Island Vet since I adopted JeaniLu in August 2011 and Sparky in mid-June 2012, both rescue kitties. I have always been treated with respect and courtesy. I have to take them in monthly for pedicures and application of their flea medication, Vectra. I am not strong enough to handle them alone – they are both too frisky – and strong! The office staff and techs are always very personable, kind AND helpful. I will give Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital a shining five-star rating – with pride.

by Jann Allen on 2016-01-09
Chu had excellent treatment, as usual. We were in and out in an hour and the advice I received from Dr. Darnell was great. Chu was so pleased with his visit he didn’t utter a peep the entire way home!

by Justin Turner on 2015-12-22
The staff was very helpful and thorough with my dog, answered all my questions and showed me how to take better care Happy!

by Anon on 2015-12-20
Great service for our new, inherited cats. Had issues that we thought could not be resolved, but Dr. Darnell was able to quickly diagnose a simple problem and an affordable treatment plan. Great service. BTW, we’re not fans of vets, so this review is a major concession!

by Margaret Cooper on 2015-12-20
Shelter Island Vet is the most concerned and resonable that I have had the pleasure doing business with. My kitty is feeling much better and so am I. Thank you SIV! M Cooper.

by Anon on 2015-12-19
I am so thankful for Dr. D and her staff. They are the best.

by Anon on 2015-12-17
All are very friendly and helpful!!! Good advise given and my dog finds it a happy place to go to.

by Terry Robertson on 2015-12-17
Wonderful staff – helpful, friendly, kind and courteous. My dog thinks they are his extended family.

by David Hebble on 2015-12-16
We could not be happier with everyone at Shelter Island Vet Hospital. Luck for us to have such great care for our 2 kittens. Thank you Shelter Island Vet Hospital.

by Kelan Scott on 2015-12-16
Love this place.

by Steve Muckley on 2015-12-16
Staff was very helpful and friendly. Excellent service.

by Tina Vanderwarf on 2015-12-16
I am very pleased with Dr Darnell and the staff here! I feel like they care and are compassionate to the needs of their customers and patients! So glad we found them and will not be taking our pets anywhere else from now on!