Dr. Barbara Darnell-Schuber

Medical Director

Dr. Barbara L. Darnell-Schuber is a 1998 graduate of The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. An Ohio native, Dr. Darnell-Schuber came to San Diego in 1998 to complete her required “on the job” experience for her veterinary medical degree. After returning home for graduation, she chose San Diego as a final destination. She says she fell in love with America’s finest city during a visit to her brother in the U.S. Navy during a Spring Break vacation.

In Practice since 1998, Dr. Darnell-Schuber gained a large range of valuable experience working in several different environments for 6 years prior to her purchase of the Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital in 2004. Her areas of special interest include Internal Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry. Dr. Darnell-Schuber spends many hours each year in continuing education classes to not only fulfill the state requirements for licensure, but to keep up to date on the latest in diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Dr. Darnell-Schuber was married to her wonderful husband Brad in 2008 (which explains the hyphen in her last name!). They have 2 awesome kids together, along with quite the menagerie of furry family members. The Schuber’s furry family includes 3 dogs and 4 cats. Their wonderful feline children are Symon, aka “Mr. Siamese – if you please“, Emma Fluffy Tail, Trinity, and Bruce Wayne (is he The Batman?). Their canine kids are Colby, an English Toy Spaniel, Ella Belle, a Cavalier King Charles (blend of sorts), and Venellope Von Shweetz, an adorable English Toy Spaniel puppy.

However, wonderful homes were found for each of her kittens and Dr. Darnell-Schuber continues to work on teaching Trinity to trust the human race again…she is turning in to quite a love bug and has earned permanent status in the household. They also have a French Bulldog named Evie (15 years) and an English Toy Spaniel named Colby (3 years).

Dr. Darnell-Schuber works closely with the Rescue House and Coronado CARES. They are non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting cats through rescue, foster and adoption activities. Dr. Darnell provides medical care and fostering for the tiniest of kittens who need extra TLC.

Outside of work, Dr. Darnell-Schuber enjoys many different hobbies including sewing, cooking and scrapbooking.

Glory Baquiran

Lead Veterinary Nurse

Glory has been a key member of the Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital team since 2007. As our Lead Veterinary Nurse, she supports the whole staff with everything from answering the phones to assisting the doctor in surgery. Her job is to make sure the whole team at Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital is providing the best care possible for our patients, as well as genuine support for our clients. Patient care and impeccable customer service is always Glory’s first priority.

Glory was born and raised here in San Diego. She completed the Veterinary Assistant course at Pima Medical Institute in 2003, then attended Allied Veterinary Staff Education in 2017 to complete the educational credentials needed to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

In the time that Glory has been a member of the Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital family, Glory has gotten married and started her own family. Glory is blessed with two children of her own, Trae and Ian. Her furry family includes a lab mix named Brody and a miniature schnauzer mix named Rylee.

During her spare time, Glory enjoys making memories with her family, playing billiards and occasionally fostering kittens in need of special care.

Nancy Milan

Veterinary Student

Nancy has been working at Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital since she graduated from UC Davis in 2014. During her undergraduate career, she worked at the UC Davis Dairy Facility where her interest in cattle began. She currently attends Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, located in the Caribbean, where she is striving to complete her life long dream of becoming a veterinarian.

During her island breaks, she comes home to San Diego to relax with her family and friends. During these breaks, Nancy works as a veterinary assistant at Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital. Nancy is a Disney fanatic and would love to answer any questions about her journey to become a veterinarian.